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Precautions and safety guidelines for participants of the Tai Mo Shan Challenge

-For the Tai Mo Shan Online Challenge, participants must be over 18 years old to participate.

-The organizer only accepts bicycles with manpower operated for activities, other bicycles with electric operated are not accepted.

-Participants should have enough sleep and rest before starting the challenge. They should not take drugs, alcohol, exciting drinks or food to participate in cycling activities, and thoroughly check the bicycle performance and whether the supporting facilities are safe, especially the brake system and it operates normally.

-For safety reasons, participants should wear helmets and bicycle bells that can issue warnings throughout the event.If the challenge is to be carried out at night, additional bicycle headlights and taillights are required. The temperature difference at the top of the mountain is relatively large. We recommended to prepare a windbreaker jacket to keep warm.

-When a bicycle is driving on a road, always pay attention to the road conditions and follow the "Road User’s Code" and " Safe Cycling Guides ". For details, please refer to the Transport Department website.

-The Tai Mo Shan Challenge is all continuous steep slopes. Both physical and strength are also a major test. It is recommended that participants have rich cycling experience before considering participating. Those with less experience are only suitable for participating in the Tai Mo Shan Challenge Fun Route.

- The Tai Mo Shan Challenge only calculates the time results for the uphill section, and does not calculate the downhill section. Participants should maintain a relaxed and happy mood when going downhill, enjoy the magnificent scenery of Tai Mo Shan, pay attention to the downhill speed, slow down and drive slowly, and pay attention to other road users , Don’t follow the car too closely, safety first, keep polite.

-Participants should do what they can during riding, avoid excessive rush, fast or excessive physical exertion, and pay attention to their physical health and breathing. In case of severe weather and physical discomfort, participants are advised to terminate the activity immediately and take another challenge at a later date.

-In response to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, participants must pay attention to personal hygiene protection when participating in the challenge. Participants should note that the four-person gathering restriction order is still in effect. Note that masks are exempted when they maintain social distance and exercise and are within the limits of country parks. Please wear a mask in non-country parks and non-sports time. For details, please refer to the guidelines of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health.

-Participants can purchase accidental injury and death insurance, protection of property and other insurance on their own, and the organizer does not make any accident compensation.

-The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on this event. The rankings and awards of any related events will be subject to the announcement of the organizer.

-All personal information is only used for registration of this event and is strictly confidential. Only authorized persons can access and process the personal information of users. Participants also agree to receive " Tai Mo Shan Challenge " activities, publicity and other communications via email.

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